Covid 19 Update

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

 Update Yield signCovid-19 Update – 07/05/2020

Hi Folks,

We just want to touch base with you. We hope you and your Families are well. We are thinking of the families of all those who have lost their life due to Covid-19 May they Rest in Peace.

Currently all Car, Jeep & Trailer, Truck and Bus lessons are suspended until further notice for the Health & Safety of our Staff and Customers. The RSA have advised that “ We in the RSA are currently examining the roadmap and working with the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS) and health authorities to allow us to plan a timetable for the provision of services again in line with the advice and approval from Government.  We do envisage that when services reopen it will firstly be on a limited basis, with new protocols in place to meet health guidelines and where customers may need to be prioritised.

As stated, the Government have outlined that services are to return on a phased basis and the RSA are seeking clarification as to when best to recommence Driver Testing and driver tuition activities while ensuring that the safety and wellbeing of both driving instructors and the public are maintained and are aligned to HSE guidelines and Government health policy”.

Our Plant Machine Training is currently suspended as per Guidance received by Solas. We are currently seeking Guidance from the relevant authorities to see when we can Safely resume Plant Machine Training. We see this as the first of our services to resume due to the ability to Social Distance this Training.

Our Driver CPC Courses unfortunately cannot be done online and we have check this with the Road Safety Authority. We are hopeful of a resumption of courses in July, we will keep you updated.

We are in unprecedented times and our operation is under review on a regular basis.

Thanks to everyone for all your messages and phone calls and to all our customers we say thank you for your support.Remember the Driver Testing Service , Theory Testing Service, National Driver License Service, National Car Testing Service, Commercial Vehicle Road Worthiness Testing are currently suspended until further notice. Please check out their websites for more information.When you get word of any Driving Tests please contact Noel or John on 0862682305 and we will be delighted to helpWe will all get back to work when the time is right and it is safe to do so.
The Hynesquinn Team