Acquired Rights


Driver CPC Deadline approaching

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

Artic TruckHi Folks,

Thanks to all our customers for your bookings this year, we really appreciate your business. In fact many of our bookings come from past Pupils so thanks again for your repeat business!

As you know the Driver CPC Deadline is the 9th of September for Acquired Rights Truck & Bus Drivers.

Acquired Rights Bus Driver -     passed your Bus Driving Test before  9th September 2008

Acquired Rights Truck Driver – passed your Truck Driving Test before 9th September 2009

This year 2019 is an important year for Truck Drivers with acquired Rights, are you up to date? At this point you should have at least 4 of the Modules completed in Cycle 2 (Cycle – 5 Years – 5 Modules)

For more information you can check your Driver Portal on the RSA Website or by calling 09625015

Don’t it will take some time for the Driver Cards to be issued once your have the courses completed, so it is important to get up-to-date well in advance of the Deadline.

You can book your Driver Courses online  or call our office on 0862682305